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The 2014 Bandai Gunpla Builders World Cup is underway! Click here for more information on rules, entering, and prizes.

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Welcome to PLAMOCON!

PLAMOCON is an online community of model builders who love Gundam, and Gunpla!

Our community is built around the very popular Anime Mobile Suit Gundam. A longstanding anime with many different iterations throughout the years. In fact, due to its longevity, people of all ages across the world have been building Gunpla for the past 30 years!  However, Gundam has only recently gained exposure in North America, and has been growing steadily stronger. Naturally, the love for this anime has also lead to the inevitable love for building Gunpla kits. PLAMOCON was formed to help those of us in North America express our love for these kits.. read more